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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Our carefully planned and sequenced curriculum, with a focus on knowledge and skills, guarantees equality for ALL students and provides them with an opportunity to take a scholastic approach to their studies.

Our curriculum is designed to firmly embed challenge and encourage exploration of wider key questions and concepts and to challenge pre-conceived ideas and stereotypes. Our curriculum is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and towards clearly defined end points. We aim to ensure that the curriculum remains as broad as possible for as long as possible with the clear expectation that ALL students are able to access the full curriculum offer. 

The central place of knowledge and the development of transferable skills within the curriculum is explicit within our school and is supported with Knowledge Organisers. The inventive design of our curriculum and the high-quality implementation of that curriculum are integral to what we do every day.

Our curriculum pivots on WORD (Writing, Oracy, Reading Development), with every teacher dedicated to raising the levels of eloquent, accurate and confident communication of every student.

An enriched vocabulary enables a better understanding of concepts and ideas and we facilitate access to knowledge beyond our students’ ordinary daily experiences. We do this by expanding their cultural capital and the breadth of their vocabulary. Students are exposed to a variety of texts both fiction and non-fiction, a wide range of creative arts and thoughtfully planned learning outside the classroom. 

We recognise that “the curriculum” is not just a timetable and that engagement in co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities is encouraged at every stage through everything from the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme to the school’s Chase Award. Enrichment activities provide a platform for all our students’ talents.

The Chase School promotes a culture of caring for yourself and caring for others and as such expects the development of:

We believe that we are all capable of extraordinary things and we are here to create the right environment for success.

We have orientated our school’s strategic direction to ensure that no matter what circumstances students arrive at school with everything around them is organised to prepare them for success. High aspiration and resilience are both essential for good mental health: we aim to provide as many positive experiences as possible, guided and aided by high aspiration, which help students to become happier, more positive adults. Our ambitious curriculum has been designed to open doors and ensure that students can secure a place at a leading university or a top class-class apprenticeship or drama or arts school. 

We have high aspirations and high expectations of our students and they should expect that of every member of staff too. 

Aspiration in school gives practice to aspiration in life.

Respect for yourself, respect for others and respect for learning are at the heart of what we promote at The Chase School.

Respect opens space for the development of trust and learning which is essential for all members of our school community to flourish. Students need to trust and follow the lead of adults who are entrusted with the professional responsibility to guide, support and challenge. Adults in school need to recognise that the young people they work with need them to adapt their behaviours to get the best out of theirs. We believe that students should respect their teachers and teachers should respect their students. We believe in the value of discipline to support a respectful culture. 

Respect in school gives practice to respect in life.

Resilience is the key to adaptability: with appropriate support we can all adapt and cope in spite of adversity. In support of our students we utilise problem solving and emotion focused coping strategies.

As a trauma informed school we help our students to recognise the connections between thoughts, emotions and behaviours. 

Resilience in school gives practice to resilience in life.

Self-regulation is an important way in which we maintain momentum, direction and control.

Adaptable students are more ambitious with their future plans, more able to keep up with changes with the learning environment, more likely to experience more positive academic outcomes and less likely to give up. We promote the power of a Growth Mindset where the word ‘YET’ is powerful in recognising that although we may find something a challenge now we can adapt our approach to achieve success. 

Adaptability in school gives practice to adaptability in life.