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Welcome from the Headteacher

Welcome from the Headteacher

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A very warm welcome to our newly revamped website. We hope you get an insight in to what it means to be part of our special school community amidst the beautiful surroundings here in Malvern.

I am delighted to introduce our school to you and our vision for the education of our students. Education is vital in shaping the future of young people and we want to work with you and your child to ensure that they reach their goals during their time at The Chase. This has become even more important in recovering from the disruption caused to our children’s learning due to the Covid pandemic. We are fully committed to helping support our students in reconnecting and re-engaging with their education after experiencing a difficult, and in some cases, traumatic period of their young lives. This will not be a short-term fix and we are ready and prepared for the challenges ahead.

As the Headteacher, I am committed to maintaining the strong traditions and ethos of The Chase, whilst ensuring the school continues to deliver quality all round experiences which reflect the very best in 21st century education.  Our overarching aim at The Chase is to inspire, build confidence and prepare our students for life and work through a broad and balanced curriculum that is built on the interdependency of knowledge and skills.

We believe in a fully comprehensive and inclusive education supported by the culture of ‘the possible’ where we are all encouraged to make progress beyond what anyone, including ourselves, could have imagined. We believe that all students are equal and there is, therefore, an equity of entitlement to knowledge for each of our students so that life chances can be improved, and social mobility accelerated. Our ethos centres on the crucial skills of Aspiration, Respect, Resilience and Adaptability.

We aim to ensure that students achieve the qualifications they need for further and higher education and for adult working life, but we also want them to experience a richness and diversity of personal, social and recreational opportunities. Our outstanding extensive extra-curricular and enrichment programmes are designed to ensure that all our students can discover new talents and provide new opportunities to build and develop their self- confidence.

We believe education is a three-way partnership between school, parents, and the child.  Their success needs your support, and our school is committed to working with you, listening to you and supporting your family throughout your child’s learning and personal development.

We strive to nurture independence as we want every student to be a lifelong learner, committed to widening their horizons and bringing rigour and enthusiasm to everything they do. 

Above all we want our students to enjoy their learning and their time here at The Chase. We believe that the educational experience at The Chase can truly enrich and improve students’ lives.  A bright future starts here!

Mike Fieldhouse