Art & Design

In Art and Design students in years 7, 8 and 9 are taught to develop their creativity and ideas, increasing proficiency in their execution through a variety of exciting and engaging topics. They develop a critical understanding of artists, architects and designers, expressing reasoned judgements that can inform their own work through a range of techniques to record their observations in sketchbooks and other media as a basis for exploring their ideas. This will in turn increase their proficiency in the handling of different materials in order to strengthen the visual impact or applications of their work as well as learning about the history of art, craft, design and architecture, including periods, styles and major movements from ancient times up to the present day.

Students will purchase a folder for storage of their work for the duration of KS3. If they opt for GCSE they can continue using this, or they can take it home along with all their work at the end of year 9 for a reminder of all the lovely work completed over the 3 years.

There are 2 major projects undertaken each year, in line with how the GCSE course is run. This allows  a smooth transition for those students opting to take Photography or Art at the next level. The current projects are as follows;


Colour Theory – students further their understanding of the colour wheel and how to successfully mix secondary and tertiary colours using the three primary colours. This continues in to complementary and harmonious colour investigation in paint, researching the artwork of Sarah Graham, leading to the completion of their own hyper realist sweet paintings.

Bug in a Box – students learn how to successfully implement new materials and techniques to their natural form based work. They research the artwork of Rose Sanderson and Joseph Cornell, taking inspiration for a range of tasks to improve their skill set in a variety of media such as collage, painting, drawing and sculpture, working towards realising of intentions,  their own ‘bug in a box’ sculpture.

Pepper project

Natural form is the focus for yr 8’s first project, learning through a series of observational tasks to enhance their painting, drawing and making skills. Students learn how to successfully use watercolour as the main painting element of the project. Once the artwork of ceramicist, Kate Malone has been investigated, the students create their own ceramic pepper sculpture, in the process learning about the qualities of clay and how to successfully incorporate into their work.

Day of the Dead

The Mexican festival, Day of the Dead – students learn about the festival in a positive and empathetic manner. The extravagant and brightly coloured celebration is the source for practicing new skills in a variety of media, working towards celebratory festival bunting.

My Dog Sighs

The students enjoy an introduction to street art through the work of artist, My Dog Sighs, who highlights social and moral issues such as mental health and homelessness through the innovative and discriminating story behind his work. The students work towards creating similar pieces on recycled surfaces.

The Art of Food

Claus Oldenburg and Peter Anton’s food sculptures are the source of the contextual studies for The Art of Food project, students create a series of 3D sculptures in a variety of materials. The project focuses on revisiting skills learnt throughout their art experience so far and enhancing their understanding of applying techniques and processes in a successful manner and realise intentions as a well-executed series of mini food themed sculptures.

Art at GCSE will help you to build on all the skills you learnt during KS3. This course will suit you if you enjoy using your imagination and like being creative. All of our projects give you a starting point, encouraging you to take an idea in a direction of your choosing.

You will work on two projects in yr 10 and two in yr 11 (mock exam and main exam). You will use A4 sketchbooks to record your learning processes, media trials and artist research. You will be expected to work in your own time on your projects as well as in lessons with 1.5 hours homework a week, most students come to Art club on Wednesday or Thursday to complete this in school.

You will work under the Art, Craft and Design title, therefore allowing for many different materials and ideas to be explored. If you were to continue to study A Level at The Chase, you are able to study Art & Design, 3D Art, Fine Art, photography or Graphic Communication in your own studio setting.

NOTE - Art & Photography cannot be selected together, you will have to choose either of these options.


GCSE Art and Design

Component 1 – 8201C

  • Portfolio of Work
  • 60% of grade


Component 2 – 8201X

  • Externally Set Task
  • 40% of grade



This part of your course is your coursework. You will complete several different projects to cover a wide variety of media and skills.


This part of your course will still be project based, but the project theme(s) are set by the exam board. During this Unit you will work for 10 hours under exam conditions.

Progression and Career Opportunities

Employers and courses in Higher or Further education increasingly place value on creative thinking. The transferable skills acquired in Art and Design will stand pupils in good stead. Progression onto an Art A level or college course will be the natural progression if you wish to take your Art studies further. Career opportunities in Art & Design are plentiful and varied, for example a career in interior design, architecture, hairdressing, graphic design, photography, illustration or ceramics will all require an art background.