Sixth Form Admissions

Joining in September 2024

The closing date for online applications was Wednesday, 31 January 2024.

We will still consider late applications but will not use these to construct the timetable.

If you are interested in making a late application, please email with details of the subjects you wish to study.


Entry Requirements are available to download below.


Applicants will have an interview with Ms Massam or Mr Williams to help finalise which course is best for them. There is no need to worry about this as the discussion will be centred upon what is best for you and to ensure that you are making realistic choices that match your capabilities, aptitudes and aspirations.

Admission Documents

Document Title Date Download
Sixth Form Entry Requirements 2024 25 23rd Nov 2023 Download
Sixth Form Open Evening Documents 2023 23rd Nov 2023 Download


  • Outstanding attendance, time management and punctuality are vital qualities for a successful Sixth Form student.
  • Whilst expressing individuality is encouraged, you should always present yourself appropriately in the learning environment.
  • In order to be knowledgeable of new opportunities within the Sixth Form and wider community, registration and form times are mandatory.
  • Ms Massam is a key member of our Sixth Form, so it is essential that you as a student are up to date with emails in order to be actively involved within the Sixth Form community.
  • It is no lie that Sixth Form is a challenge compared to your previous education. In order to reach your full potential here you must be dedicated, hardworking and focused throughout your two years at the Sixth Form.
  • Maintaining a sensible life balance is necessary. Part time work and social life are significant but balancing these with your studies is key to avoiding stress whilst still enjoying your time at the Sixth Form.
  • Our Sixth Form community is an inclusive and welcoming environment, it is important that you treat everyone in a respectful and friendly manner.
  • Obviously, this is a workplace and we do not tolerate drugs, smoking, alcohol, bullying of any kind or harmful and discriminatory behaviour. We expect you to show equality and diversity to all, reporting any concerns you may have to Ms Massam or Mr Williams.
  • It is most important to attend all lessons and if for any reasons you are unable to attend, it is crucial that you are in communication with your teachers and peers to keep on top of any work you’ve missed.
  • Always remember that your Sixth Form experience is what you make it, so you must utilise your time and grasp every opportunity.