Entry Requirements

A grade 5 in English and Mathematics.

Studying Business at A level gives you an incredibly powerful start to developing your business skills. The course is designed to engage students through topics and issues that are relevant in today’s society – you will study key contemporary developments such as digital technology, business ethics, and globalisation.

The aim is to enable students to evaluate the objectives and behaviour of organisations, as well as studying the separate functions of a business organisation: marketing, personnel, finance and production.

Studying Business helps you develop a number of skills:

  • How to assemble data and assess it
  • How to investigate facts and use deduction
  • How to put over your point of view fluently
  • How to work as a team to achieve results
"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning."  Bill Gates

Subject Content

  • What is business?
  • Managers, leadership and decision making.
  • Improving performance in terms of marketing, operations, finance and human resources.
  • Analysing the strategic position of a business – business objectives, strengths and weaknesses of the business, influence of technology and society, and investment analysis.
  • Choosing strategic direction – where to compete and how to compete
  • Pursuing strategies – changing the size of the business, innovation, trading international and using digital technology.
  • Managing change


Three externally assessed exams.
Students who take Business often also study accounting, computing, economics, modern languages, or Maths. But students committed to the arts or sciences should also consider taking Business in this cost-centred world.
A course in business will prepare any student for the world of work and enterprise, and is an excellent basis for a career, an apprenticeship or a university degree course in business, finance, accountancy, marketing, economics or the Social Sciences.

Reasons to choose A level Business

“It gives you an insight into how a business is run and what goes on in a business.” 

“It gives you a competitive advantage over anyone else at a job interview.” 

“It allows you to know what goes on in a business and helps you know about the economy e.g. The Budget 2018.”

“Setting up a business is the best way of making money! And the teacher is great.”