Entry Requirements

G5 in English and Maths

Economics is a fascinating subject as it includes the study of how people behave and interact with each other. The dynamic between consumers, manufacturers and government makes economics a vibrant topic. Economics looks at the fundamental forces which affect our lives, such as employment, prices, international trade and poverty.

It is a lively and interesting subject which allows you the opportunity to make your own judgments and form your own opinions.

Subject Content

Individuals, firms, markets and market failure:

  • The Economic Problem.
  • Individual decision making.
  • Price determination.
  • Production, costs and revenue.
  • The labour market.
  • Income, Wealth, Poverty and Inequality.
  • Market and Government failure.

The national and international economy:

  • The measurement of macroeconomic performance.
  • How the macroeconomy works.
  • Financial markets and monetary policy.
  • Fiscal policy and supply-side policy.
  • The international economy.


Three externally assessed exams.

What can this course lead to

Economics is a versatile subject that can help you in a number of careers. Not only could you find yourself working for big corporations, banks or the government but your qualification in economics could also be valuable support in a career like marketing, law, journalism or teaching.

“When we see success, we should also see the long, tangled history of failure that precedes it.” Tim Harford

Reasons to choose A level Economics:

“You can learn and explore issues currently in the economy and topics discussed in the news affecting individuals and people around you and how it affects everyday life.” 

“You can learn about the current issues our economy is facing. It is a fascinating subject and I thoroughly recommend it.” 

“You can use the A level to apply to universities and it is a good way to show that you can apply yourself. You can also use some of the knowledge in real life situations.” 

“Economics is a very enjoyable subject that helps you to understand what is happening in the world right now.“