Further Maths

What are the entry requirements?

A grade 8 at GCSE in Mathematics .

If you have a Grade 7 at GCSE and want to study A level Further Mathematics, you will be advised on an individual basis.

What does the course involve?

We follow the Edexcel specification.

  • Further Maths students cover A-Level Mathematics in Year 12 and A-Level Further Mathematics in Year 13.
  • Further Maths covers two option blocks meaning students will have 18 lessons per fortnight.
  • Further Maths allows you to learn about different areas of mathematics that will not be seen in A-Level Mathematics such as complex numbers and matrices.
  • Students will also extend their knowledge from A-Level Mathematics of trigonometry and calculus.
  • Half of the further maths course is compulsory core pure content, the other half is made from two optional modules of statistics, mechanics, further pure or decision.

Of the current 30 fastest growing occupations,
16 will require substantial mathematics preparation.

What can this course lead to?

Students who study Further Mathematics are mostly looking to get into university to study either
maths or mathematically related subjects such as engineering and sciences. Further
Mathematics demonstrates a strong level of ability at A level and consequently can be a major advantage when applying for top universities. Some universities will lower their admission requirements to students who have studied Further Mathematics successfully.