Film Studies

Entry Requirements

G5 in either English Language or literature as many of the skills are transferable to A Level Film Studies.

What does the course involve?

Paper One

  • Hollywood 1930-1990
  • American Film since 2005
  • British film since 1995

Paper Two

  • Global film
  • Documentary film
  • Silent cinema
  • Experimental film (1960-2000)


Short film (4-5 minutes) or a Screenplay

What can this course lead to?

Aside from studying film as an undergraduate, students move into other arts/humanities degrees transferring their analytical and critical skills and thinking into fresh areas.

Students have gone onto to Foundation year arts degrees or have gone into the industry as, for example, post-production technicians such as colourists, editors, etc.

"For more than anything else, cinema consists of the eye for magic – that which perceives and reveals the marvellous in whatsoever it looks upon." Maya Deren, filmmaker

Where are our ex-students now?

Jake Edwards is currently completing a PhD at the University of Warwick in film after gaining a First and a MA, with a view to joining the university as a lecturer.

Ben Londesborough was the top-performing student in the country in 2014 (over 6,000 candidates) at A level and gained an award in a ceremony at the WJEC headquarters in Cardiff.

Rosy Cowell is currently on a civil service training programme with the Foreign Office in London, having graduated from Warwick University with a First in Film Studies.