Product Design

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 GCSE DT or Art. If you have not studied either then a suitable portfolio of work demonstrating your design skills will be required.

What does the course involve?

Component 1: Principles of Design and Technology

  • Written examination: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • 50% of the qualification
  • 120 marks

You will be required to apply knowledge and understanding of a wide range of materials; including modern and smart materials, and processes used in product design and manufacture. You will develop an understanding of contemporary industrial and commercial practices applied to designing and manufacturing products. Designers from the past provide inspiration for present and future designing and you will investigate the important contribution that key historical movements and figures have on modern design thinking.

Component 2: Independent Design and Make Project

  • Non-examined assessment
  • 50% of the qualification
  • 120 marks

In this project, you will be encouraged to use creativity and imagination when applying iterative design processes to develop and modify designs, and to design and make prototypes that solve real world problems, considering others’ needs, wants and values. You will be expected to take ownership of all aspects of their work in this project, which will include research, designing, modelling, making and evaluating. In order to reach high attainment levels, you must adopt a commercial design approach to your work, reflecting how a professional designer might deal with a design problem and its resolution.

“Design and technology should be the subject where mathematical brainboxes and science whizzkids turn their bright ideas into useful product design concepts.” James Dyson

What can this course lead to?

Among the varied courses and occupations pursued as a result of studying Product Design are: Architect, Electrical Engineer, Structural Engineer, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Product Design and Mechanical Engineer.

“It is one of the most important subjects taught at the school. Teachers collectively help to push me towards a more complex and innovative outcome and the vast range of equipment and skillset available in the faculty allows me to strive towards ambitious designs and projects” Harry Stephens, current year 13

“I enjoy making what I design and reaping the rewards of an iterative design process. We are always guided by experienced and supportive teachers “

“Product Design allows you to take inspiration from the past and present and design the future” Alex Barnes, current year 13