Art & Design

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 GCSE Art or DT

If you have not studied either then a suitable portfolio of work demonstrating your art skills will be required.

Photography/ Fine Art /Art Craft & Design/ 3D Design/ Graphics

We are excited to offer a new approach to our A Level course for September 2023. Under the umbrella of A Level Art& Design, you will be able to focus on specific endorsements in Photography, Fine Art, Art Craft and Design, 3D Design, or Graphics. This will allow for more continuity from GCSE where we now offer Photography, 3D Design and Art, Craft and Design, as well as providing amore diverse and flexible art education to our students. Students choose from a range of themes, use of media and approaches relevant to their chosen specialism. The aim of each Art & Design course will be tailored to meet students’ particular strengths and interests.

AQA Component 1: Personal Investigation - 60% of the A level

You choose the topic for your personal investigation. You write your own assignment outlining how you will meet each grading criteria and what external visits to galleries and museums will support your portfolio of work. This component includes a 1000-3000 word essay linked to your theme. You will work on this project until February of the second year of your course.

AQA Component 2: Externally Set Assignment - 40% of the A level.

You will complete this component from February to April in the second year of your course. AQA offer a range of starting points for this component. You will work through your chosen topic in exactly the same way as Component 1, using the same grading criteria. Your final outcome has to be possible to complete in 15 hours under exam conditions.

Art design image

You will be part of the annual Art Exhibition which will showcase your effort and outcomes from the two years. Most of our pupils apply to Art & Design Foundations Courses after their A level. Some apply directly to a BA course if they are secure in the specialism they are choosing. Graphic Design, Illustration, Architecture, FineArt, Photography and Printmaking have been popular choices in previous years.