GCSE Options

At The Chase we aim to inspire, build confidence and prepare our students for life and work through a broad and balanced curriculum that is built on the interdependency of knowledge and skills.

To achieve this goal, we see it as our duty to provide a Key Stage 4 curriculum that will best equip your child to face the challenges of the future. We may not be fully clear about what the future workplace will look like but we do know that those who will be best placed to exploit the opportunities opening up will be technologically literate and have an adaptable set of high level skills. 

To that end we seek to offer a range of courses at Key Stage 4 which will lead to a suite of recognised qualifications that we know universities and employers’ alike value and trust. Within the Key Stage 4 curriculum, we allow our students a degree of freedom to choose courses that best suit their interests and play to their strengths. 

Students take their options in Year 9. There is an Options Evening, followed by a parents evening in the January of Year 9.

Subject Offer

ALL students will be required to take the following Core Curriculum Subjects:

  • English Language & English Literature (2 GCSEs) 
  • Mathematics 
  • Science (worth at least 2 GCSE grades) 
  • Personal Social Health Education 
  • Physical Education

Most students are then required to the take 2 of the following EBACC subjects:

The EBACC Subjects

  • History or Geography
  • Computer Science
  • a Language

Finally, students then can choose from the open subjects:

Art & Design or 3D Art or Photography


Computer Science    


Creative iMedia (CNATs)  


Dance (BTEC)    


DT Resistant Materials    



Religious Studies



Food & Nutrition