Drama is an exciting, creative, and challenging subject.

At KS3 Students are encouraged to join a Lower school/Years 7-9 Drama Club and Drama is taught as a discrete subject as part of the Performing Arts carousel with Music and Dance, giving all students a basic introduction to the subject. Students are taught in the well-equipped Drama studio over on the annexe site, complete with a black box set stage, and lighting and sound equipment.

At KS4 GCSE Drama:  Students find Drama to be a course that gives then both confidence and many cross curricular skills.  This course can develop an insight into and an understanding of a wide range of dramatic activities. A balance between controlled practical assessment tasks and the written examination gives the candidates the best opportunity to succeed. Opportunities to visit the theatre; devise own performances; act out and study published plays; work with professional theatre practitioners and work individually and in small groups, are all unique characteristics of this course.

At KS5 students have been offered, in the past, the chance either to study A level Theatre Studies and/or BTEC Performing Arts depending on the cohort and numbers. They can pursue a Drama strand within the BTEC course. Both pathways follow on clearly from either Dance/Drama at GCSC/BTEC at KS4.

Students regularly visit the theatre, take part in extracurricular clubs, and perform in whole school productions. Recent performances have included showcases featuring all Performing Arts strands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, A Christmas Carol and Bugsy Malone.

‘Drama is great fun; it gives me lots of confidence in school; in other subjects, and in my life generally’ Year 11 student.