Performing Arts

Performing arts logo with lion

At The Chase we offer a diverse Performing Arts curriculum that appeals to students because they are cognitive and practical subjects. We take pride with the talented students that we have here, and we enable them to continue to develop their expressive and creative skills. We are also committed to the students who are new to the Performing Arts subjects because the curriculum is designed to embrace and develop life skills, stage presence and rhetoric skills which will crucially harness the students in real-world settings.

In Year 9 all students complete a Performing Arts rotation every half term. Each scheme of work for Dance, Drama, Design and Music is designed for mixed ability and mixed gender classes. The content is to engage pupils in the Performing Arts subjects and develop their knowledge and understanding on their skills and subject specific vocabulary. The school also provides GCSE and A Level qualification in Music, Dance and Drama.

The Chase also provides an immense range of extracurricular clubs for pupils to get involved with and enrichment activities such as mixed showcases and musical productions in the school’s main hall. Theatre trips are organised for students to have the opportunity to visit professional theatres to spectate and appreciate the arts. A variety of performance opportunities are given to pupils such as the school’s carol service at The Malvern Priory and Drama students do the readings during the carol service. Dance students enter regional dance competitions and are invited to attend a dance tour in London where they can participate in workshops at professional dance studios such as Base and Pineapple Dance Studio.