Design and Technology

The Design and Technology department at The Chase is a continuously forward looking and thriving department which is committed to helping all students achieve their full potential. Our aim is to deliver a curriculum accessible to all students allowing them to become the next generation of creative practitioners in their chosen field. We are a cohesive department with a wide range of specialisms which offers pupils a holistic experience of the design process from sketch to outcome. Our mission is to build confidence and encourage pupils to take ownership of their work and to develop their thinking into creative ideas. To do this student should be inspired by the past, create excellence in the present and embrace the future.

Key Stage 3 – Pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 work on a rotation where they explore 5 key areas of D&T throughout each year. The key areas are Graphics, Wood/Metal, Electronics, Textiles and Food. Within these key areas projects are geared to deliver the many topics that are taught in the new GCSE Design and Technology, Food and Electronics. The KS3 curriculum is designed to lead straight into GCSE D&T which will give them a great foundation in designing for today and tomorrow.

Key Stage 4 – We offer 5 different GCSEs in KS4. Our GCSEs consist of Design & Technology where students can specialise in Timber, Electronics, Graphics, Textiles and Food & Nutrition.

Key Stage 5 – We offer A level Product Design. Students will be able to recognise design needs and develop an understanding of how current global issues, including integrating technology, impacts on today’s world. At A level students will have the confidence to innovate and produce creative design solutions as they develop their own design brief with a client/end user.


The department offers a range of afterschool clubs – D&T Club, Cooking Club, Textiles Club and Performing Arts: Production Club.