The Languages Faculty offers French and Spanish in all key stages. Also, the Faculty runs a number of trips each year to both France and Spain thus giving students the chance to use their languages in real life.

The Languages Faculty is based on the 1st Floor of the main school building, on the main school site.

We build upon the work done in KS2 when students join us in Year 7 and ensure that all students get to experience French and Spanish throughout their first year. Students can then express a preference for which language they would like to carry on with from Year 8 onwards.

The KS3 course focuses on giving students a firm foundation in the language(s) ensuring that they have a good range of vocabulary and that they understand enough grammar to be independent in their language learning. We also build in opportunities for students to learn about the culture of places where French/Spanish are spoken; we do this through film, music, discussions of traditions/festivals etc.

Topics covered in the languages start in Year 7 with a focus on themselves (for example, introductions, family, school, pets and daily routine) before moving on in Year 8 to topics such as free time, food and holidays. Year 9 then introduces topics such as jobs and the work of work as well as music and films. We find that this gives students a good base for KS4 (we follow the AQA specification). The GCSE courses includes a diverse range of topics that enable students to develop their comprehension and conversation skills meaning they are able to apply their language skills when they go abroad. Topics include the local area, holidays and the environment. The A level course covers more in-depth topics such as politics and technology as well as the cultural history of French/Spanish speaking countries.

Students also have the opportunity to study a book and a film as well as conducting an independent research project for their speaking assessment ensuring they are well prepared for university.