For any examination queries please contact the Exams Officer (Miss Worrall) at exams@chase.worcs.sch.uk or 01684891961.


Information for students and parents

Morning exams start at 9am and afternoon exams start at 1:30pm. Please ensure you arrive at the correct exam venue at least 15 minutes before the start of the exam.  

Please ensure you have all the equipment you need for the exam (black pen, pencil, calculator, protractor, ruler, eraser etc). Pencil cases must be transparent.

Mobile phones, watches, MP3 players, notes, bags, coats are not permitted in the exam room.

If a student is unwell or is running late, please inform the examination officer and/or the school attendance before 8:15am or 12:30pm. 

Please refer to the student handbook for more guidance..


Examinations at The Chase School

Document Title Date Download
Candidate Exam Handbook - 24 11th Mar 2024 Download
Appeals Document A Level and GCSE 11th Mar 2024 Download

JCQ information for students

The awarding bodies (Exam Boards) have strict rules which must be followed for the conduct of exams, and as a school we are required to follow and enforce them precisely and accurately to ensure examinations are fair to all students.

It is important for candidate to understand all examination expectations and regulations before undertaking any assessment or exam. Please follow the link below to the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) website to access the 2023/24 information and regulations.

Document Title Date Download
IFC Coursework Assessments 2023 FINAL 1 11th Mar 2024 Download
IFC NE Assessments 2023 FINAL 11th Mar 2024 Download
IFC On Screen Examinations 2023 FINAL 11th Mar 2024 Download
IFC Written Examinations 2324 Revision One FINAL 11th Mar 2024 Download
Information for candidates Privacy Notice 21 22 11th Mar 2024 Download
JCQ Preparing to sit your exams 2023 24 11th Mar 2024 Download
JCQ Social Media Infographic v4 11th Mar 2024 Download
JCQ AI poster for students 12th Mar 2024 Download
JCQ Suspected Malpractice Policies and Procedures 12th Mar 2024 Download