Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE Music; otherwise you will need to have at least Grade 5 on an instrument AND Grade 5 theory.

What does the course involve?

A Level Music comprises three modules: Performing, Composing and Appraising. These are broadly similar to the corresponding modules at GCSE but take the learning a stage further. You will learn how to analyse a wide range of styles of music in detail; how to improve your performing skills and present them in the context of a recital; how to develop compositional ideas to create more mature pieces of music, and how to apply musical language to both familiar and unfamiliar music. A Level Music develops an understanding of history, of languages and of literature and is therefore most suitable for students who are keen to improve their all-round skills rather than just focus on performing.

What can this course lead to?

A Level Music is an essential requirement for almost all university music courses. It is also a well-regarded supporting subject for most other university courses, being a highly-regarded qualification which shows that an individual has well-developed creative and analytical skills as well as performing ability. The field of music technology is also expanding and many students consider this either as a degree course or as an apprenticeship.

“Music is a wonderful way in which to express oneself” – former A Level Music student who gained an unconditional offer to study Music at Birmingham University.

Chase A Level Music students in the past have followed a variety of paths, from gaining scholarships to Birmingham Conservatoire to studying Music or PPE at Oxford, and careers including musical directors, orchestral players, singers, peripatetic music tutors, photographers, lawyers and maths teachers!

All Sixth-Form students are invited to take part in our wide range of extra-curricular Music activities: these typically include Chamber Choir, Orchestra, Jazz Band and various more informal groups. Sixth formers also often take main roles in musical productions and have the opportunity to lead musical groups with younger students.