What are the entry requirement?

Grade 6 or above in GCSE Physics or GCSE Combined Science (G6-G6)

Grade 6 or above in GCSE Mathematics

What does the course involve?

Physics is the study of how things work, from the astrophysics, which describes stars and galaxies to the particle physics of quarks and leptons. As a physics student at The Chase you will study a tremendous range of ideas, which contribute to our current understanding of the world we live in. Topics throughout the course include particles and radiation, waves, mechanics and energy, electricity, thermal physics, fields and nuclear physics.

Practical work will play an important part in your studies, which will encourage the development of excellent key skills and will be assessed in the written papers. Although there is not a coursework component to the course you will work towards completing the Practical Endorsement in Physics which, if passed, will be reported on your certificate.

What can this course lead to?

Physics is one of the most respected A levels there is. It shows you are numerate and can handle a demanding course to a high level.

Some people will go on to a Physics degree, but it is a good subject to have for anything, from accountancy to zoology as well as the more obvious engineering and science courses.

The course you will study has been designed in conjunction with industry and higher education. As a result, you will obtain a qualification that is well regarded in a wide range of academic and practical careers.

Physics is the right choice for you if:

  • You are interested in the physical world around you and enjoy finding things out.
  • You wish to be taught in class sizes of typically 12-20 pupils by highly experienced teaching staff in well-equipped laboratories.
  • You are willing to work hard to make a success of the demanding course.
  • You want an exciting course which will provide you with many skills that are highly valued.
  • You have good analytical skills.
  • You are competent in mathematics. Although not essential, it is desirable for you to be studying A level Mathematics. If you are intending to go on to study Physics at degree level you will need an A level in Mathematics.
“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
Albert Einstein