Entry requirements

To study Spanish at A level you need at least a G5 in GCSE Spanish and a G5 in English.

What does the course involve?

There are 3 exams:

  • Paper 1 – listening, reading and writing
  • Paper 2 – writing on the cultural topics
  • Paper 3 – oral exam

A wide variety of topics are studied under the broad headings of social issues and trends and political and artistic culture. Students will also study grammar in detail as well as literary texts and films.

What can this course lead to?

Spanish A level provides you with many options post-18. You could continue your language studies at university either as a major or minor subject or you could go straight into work/apprenticeships as language skills are highly sought after by employers.

A different language is a different vision of life." Federico Fellini


“Studying French and Spanish A level at The Chase was the best decision I could have ever made. My classes still stick with me to this day, from studying Albert Camus and his absurdism to listening to Enrique Iglesias songs to learn the subjunctive! Prior to A level, I loved foreign languages even though my grammar wasn’t the most accurate. The languages department not only supported me in learning to avoid the classic grammatical pitfalls but they also made me interested in other areas of languages such as literature, travelling and foreign films. I am now in my final year of a brilliant translating degree in French and Spanish having returned from my year abroad which was hands down the best year of my life! I enjoyed the food and drink but more importantly, I travelled around France and Spain exploring countless new places and making so many friends from across Europe. Without having studied languages at The Chase, I most certainly wouldn’t be where I am today so I can’t recommend it highly enough!” ZM, former student.