Joining in Year 7

Welcome to The Chase!

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We are thrilled to have you and your child join our community. This page is dedicated to providing you with all the essential information you'll need as your child begins their high school journey with us.

From academic expectations to extracurricular activities, we've got you covered. Here, you'll find everything you need to know to ensure a smooth and successful transition into high school life.

We understand that starting high school is a significant milestone, and we're here to support your child every step of the way. We believe The Chase is a nurturing and stimulating environment where your child can thrive academically, socially, and personally.

Getting started

Our school uniform provider is Monkhouse you will find The Chase uniform pages by clicking here.

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A smart appearance amongst students enhances their image and that of their school, instils a more business-like and purposeful mood and avoids competition over fashions and ‘labels’. Students should fully observe the school’s requirements about personal appearance throughout the school year. All items should be named so we can return lost property to their owners.  ALL students in Years 7 – 11 are expected to wear school uniform in school, on journeys to and from school, at school functions (including Consultation Evenings) and on visits where school uniform is required.

General information about school uniform

  • Outdoor clothing should be of a moderate design.  The only hoodies allowed are Chase hoodies that can be worn as an outdoor garment over school uniform and which students are expected to remove during lessons. 
  • Make up, including nail varnish, should be light and moderate and not draw undue or inappropriate attention. 
  • Artificial nails, including acrylics, are not permitted.
  • Hair styles should be of natural colour and not draw undue or inappropriate attention
  • The only jewellery allowed is a single stud in each ear and a watch.
  • We strongly recommend the use of safety/fluorescent clothing in winter for students cycling to school, as well as the wearing of a suitable cycle helmet. 
  • All clothing and sports kit should be clearly named.

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To ensure all students are equipped with the necessary tools, we have selected two specific models, these will be the ones used for demonstrations in lessons. Both calculators are available for purchase at cost through the school.

They will be available through ParentPay in September. You will be able to purchase these once you have received your ParentPay login details.

Please do not worry about students not having calculators when they start in September. The Maths department would rather that parents were able take advantage purchasing the calculator at cost through the school and having the most suitable model, than buy a less suitable model in advance.

Option 1: Casio fx-991CW 


  • Supports students with additional functions to help achieve grade 7 and above at GCSE
  • Suitable for both GCSE, Core and A Level Mathematics
  • Includes advanced scientific functions, including complex numbers, calculus, and matrix calculations
  • High-resolution display and intuitive user interface

Recommendation: Recommended for students of GCSE, Core and A Level mathematics

Option 2: Casio fx-83GTCW 


  • Suitable for work up to GCSE
  • Provides a range of scientific functions needed for secondary education
  • User-friendly interface with a natural textbook display

Recommendation: Ideal for students preparing for their GCSE exams

Both models will be used in classroom demonstrations to ensure familiarity and ease of use during lessons. We encourage you to choose the calculator that aligns with your child’s aspirations

Lockers are an optional extra and are located along the main corridor and in the science block. 

A locker rental scheme is in place; for an annual charge of £5, payable via ParentPay each September, students in Years 7-10 will be able to request a locker (once payment has been made) from Reception on Monday lunchtimes only.  Students wishing to use this facility need to supply their own strong padlock. 

All lockers are to be emptied at the end of the summer term and locks removed – any locker left locked will be opened and the contents placed in storage for 2 weeks prior to disposal.

Year 11 students are provided with a locker free of charge from the Exams Office.

If you are joining us from a Worcestershire primary school and your child is already receiving free school meals then you do not need to do anything as this will transfer across.

If you are joining from outside of the county please and you believe your child is entitled to free school meals then you will need to reapply by clicking here.

If you have not accessed Free School Meals before, but you believe your child may be entitled to them then you can find more information by clicking here.

Financial support at The Chase

Cars and Bicycles

Parents are asked not to bring their children to school or to collect them by car unless there is no alternative, in which case drivers must respect road markings and are asked not to park near the school gates, bus bay areas, or on pavements.

Parents are not allowed onto the school site to drop off or to collect their children.

We encourage students to use their bicycles to travel to and from school.  Bicycles must be in a roadworthy condition, must not be ridden in the school grounds, and left locked in a designated area.  The school cannot accept responsibility for the safety of students’ bicycles.  We strongly recommend the use of safety/fluorescent clothing in winter and the wearing of a suitable cycle helmet at all times.  If a student wishes to cycle to school, they must sign the school’s Cycle Code of Conduct and obtain a permit – please contact Mr Thomas, Faculty Lead for PE to receive an application.

Students are not allowed to ride scooters to school (both standard or electric).

Motorcycles, mopeds and cars driven by students are not allowed on school premises without school’s permission.  Only Sixth Form students are permitted to drive these to and from school; these must be parked on the Annexe site and registration numbers provided to Mrs Massam (Sixth Form Pastoral Leader).


Arrangements for the distribution of Bus Passes are made by the Education Travel Team.  Information regarding bus routes can be obtained from the Worcestershire Hub on 01905 765765.

For students who may require transport to and from school, full details on eligibility and/or costs for pre-16 and post-16 students are provided on the Worcestershire County Council website, where applications can be completed online or downloaded for completion.  Transport applications should be received by the Education Travel Team before the end of the term prior to commencement at The Chase.

Travel Assistance Application forms are sent out with the school placement letters in March.  If a student does not qualify for transport assistance, the County Council Vacant Seat Payment Scheme offers the opportunity to buy a spare seat on a school contract vehicle.  Vacant seats can only be awarded once all riders eligible for free transport have been allocated.

If a student does not have a bus pass for a valid reason, a “Temporary Authorisation to Travel” may be issued (this service in only available for WCC contracted school bus services).  You should call the Worcestershire Hub on 01905 765765 immediately to report that the bus pass has been lost.  The bus pass will be replaced at a cost of £10.00.  Payment should be made to Worcestershire County Council, Education Travel team, County Hall, Spetchley Road, Worcester WR5 2NP.  Until the replacement pass is issued, a “Temporary Authorisation to Travel” note will be sent to the bus operator and to the school.  The student should collect their copy from Reception and present this to the driver each time s/he boards the school transport.  The temporary pass will be valid for a period no longer than 2 weeks; if a bus pass is stolen and reported to the police, it will be replaced free of charge if a crime reference number is provided.

Worcestershire County Council operates a “No Pass, No Travel” policy on all school transport services.  This means that every student must show their pass to the driver every time s/he boards school transport, otherwise they will be refused travel.

It is your parental responsibility to ensure your child carries their bus pass and gets to and from the bus stop in safety, until they have boarded the vehicle.  If your child is refused access to the vehicle because they do not have a valid bus pass or it has been withdrawn due to their poor behaviour, it is your parental responsibility to make alternative arrangements to transport your child to and from school.

Students must behave well at all times and are responsible for their own behaviour when travelling.  Poor behaviour will result in either a temporary or permanent withdrawal of entitlement to transport.


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What you can expect

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Health and Wellbeing

Who to talk to?

Our pastoral system is designed to ensure that every student has access to the care and guidance they need to thrive both academically and personally. Here's how it works:

Form Tutors

Every student at The Chase is part of a Tutor Group with an assigned Form Tutor, who is their first point of contact for everyday issues and routine matters. Form Tutors meet each day with their tutor group during Tutor time which is before lunch. They play a crucial role in the daily life of students. They help with a wide range of issues, such as:

  • Daily attendance and punctuality
  • General academic queries and minor concerns
  • Social and friendship issues
  • Organisational and study skills
  • Providing updates on school events and activities

Form Tutors are there to offer guidance, support, and encouragement, helping students navigate the day-to-day challenges of school life.

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Year Leaders

Each year group at The Chase is overseen by a dedicated Year Leader. These staff members are responsible for the overall well-being and progress of the students in their year. Year Leaders are the go-to people for any significant issues or concerns that students might have. Whether it's a serious personal problem, a significant academic challenge, or any other major concern, students can approach their Year Leader for help and support. The Year Leaders work closely with parents, teachers, and other staff to provide comprehensive support and ensure that every student receives the attention they need. The Year Leader will move with the students up through the school from Year 7 up to Year 11.