Extra Curricular

We have a vast array of different extra-curricular activities on offer at The Chase. We encourage all our students to join in and get involved. All extra-curricular clubs, sports fixtures, events and school trips will be published on the SOCS calendar, see information below.

We offer lots of different sports – Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, Football, Badminton, plus Dance, Drama, Art, Cooking, Science, Board Games, Time Explorers, ECO, Chess, Calm Crafts, Pioneers (maths challenges) and Homework Club.

Our newest club is the Thunk Club, for the curious ones amongst us…

What colour is Wednesday?  Is a broken-down car parked?  Is there more future or past? If you are interested in discussing questions like these then Thunk Club could be a perfect club for you. There are no right or wrong answers.

There really is something for everyone 

Our enrichment programme is made up of a combination of these extra-curricular activities along with a vast variety of opportunities to go on trips both at home and abroad. It really enhances the experience of students at The Chase.  

‘Pupils enjoy the wide range of extra-curricular activities. There is something for everyone, including exciting events in the library, dance productions and a wide range of unusual sports such as kayaking and scuba diving.’   Ofsted 2021

Music Tuition

For more information on music tuition and instrument hire please click here.


Enrichment and SOCS

SOCS Co-Curricular is a digital platform that allows the mapping, organisation, communication and effective tracking of attendance for all enrichment activities.  

All extra-curricular clubs, sports fixtures, events and school trips will be published on the SOCS calendar. Students and parents will be able to see all the opportunities available to them. Students will then be able to add themselves to that club's registers, plan for fixtures, events and trips. Student attendance will be monitored by staff and celebrated accordingly!

Students have their own individual portal whereby they have a clear calendar showing the activities they are involved in.

Parents have the facility to create their own account to monitor their child’s engagement with these activities and their commitments.

All students have received an Assembly on how SOCS is going to be used in school.

SOCS will be utilised to monitor all student engagement and attendances across all age ranges at The Chase. A parent portal also allows monitoring of your child’s attendance at these events. 

All extra-curricular activities will be advertised on SOCS and not through the school website.

To access SOCS please click here or use the Parents menu at the top right of any of our webpages.

If you have any questions or problems with accessing SOCS then please contact Mr Mackintosh (Enrichment Coordinator) jmackintosh@chase.worcs.sch.uk