The Chase Behaviour Expectations

At The Chase, we believe that behaviour in our school should be -

Impeccable: every lesson, everywhere, every day

All members of The Chase School community have a right to a safe and challenging learning environment. Our Behaviour Policy is designed to create an inclusive learning environment in school that applies to all students. Mutual respect amongst all members of the school community lies at the heart of this policy.

We expect behaviour to be of an impeccable standard throughout the school day, when travelling to and from school and whilst participating on trips and visits. Positive behaviour needs to be taught, modelled, and rewarded. Poor or unacceptable behaviour needs to be sanctioned. Positive relationships between and with students are the key to good behaviour.


Students may not wear any hood or hat inside school buildings and may only wear them outside the school campus in cold or wet weather. The only hoodies allowed are Chase hoodies that can be worn as an outdoor garment over school uniform. Logos (other than the Chase badge) are not permitted on any clothing. 

Apart from a single stud in each ear, students will not be allowed piercings of any sort.  Students will not be allowed to wear dangling earrings.  Students will not be allowed to wear extremes of either make up or hair design (‘extreme’ being of a nature that would draw undue attention to the student).  Students are required to meet the expectations of the school to respect themselves and others by always wearing their uniform correctly.  Full clarification of the uniform is available in ‘The Chase Uniform List’.

Mobile Phones

At The Chase, mobile phones* may not be used in school by students below Sixth Form level, unless otherwise agreed.  If a student brings a mobile phone to school, it must be at their own risk, and the phone must be kept switched off as soon as they enter the school site, including breaks and lunchtimes.

What routines does the school expect

Unit 1:  Teacher greets students at the threshold – you will be expected to get your bag off your shoulders and coat off. If your uniform is not correct, you will be sent to the Library in the first 15 min

All other units: Teacher greets students at the threshold – you will be expected to get your bag off your shoulder, coat off and show uniform slips for non-uniform

  • Line up in silence outside the classroom and await any instructions
  • Put your coat on the back of your chair, get your equipment out and put your bag away under the table
  • Do Now activity is on the board for you to work on as you sit down in silence
  • Register must be taken in silence
  • Presentation of your work – teachers will circulate the room to ensure that this is happening. Teachers will model the expectations for you
  • STAR - Sit up, Track the Speaker, Ask and answer questions like scholar, Respect those around you.
  • Stand behind your chair in silence before being dismissed in silence. Your blazer will need to be on before you leave the class