Charities Week

When Charity Week commenced toward the end of December, we had no idea the success it would bring,  and the benefits it would have on our school community. It has really connected us all together as a school. A goal that, as a Senior Team, we have had since the start of the year.

Every break and lunch, we had each 6th for form group set up their own stands selling services and goodies such as Hot Chocolate and Sweet treats, as well as Splat The Teacher. As well as this, we also had events in the hall involving some of our staff. We had activities such as Leg Waxing, The Great Chase Bake Off, and a Lip Sync Battle.

It was great to get some of our staff involved, and we cannot thank them and the students enough for supporting us. Not only did we raise £2380 for Alzheimer’s Society, Malvern Hills food bank and Old Tanga High School, but the comradery that followed was nothing shy of astounding. Mrs Knight’s form won the form challenge to raise the most money, as they raised over £500 with Miss McKeevers form coming second with £312.

One of Highlights of the week was seeing the teachers take part in “splat the teacher” where students paid to throw 3 sponges soaked in water at their favourite teachers!

We hope to carry this as an annual event where the school really comes together, and raises money for great causes, as well as enriching the community of our school. 

Thank you so much to all parents, students and teachers for supporting us last week. We couldn’t have been a success without you. 

From Linus, Lois and the Senior Team, we wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Prosperous New Year.