Young Adult author Olivia Levez visits The Chase

Posted on 12/03/2019 Young Adult author Olivia Levez visits The Chase

On World Book Day we were fortunate to be able to welcome author Olivia Levez to our library. Olivia discussed her writing career and provided interesting insights into her two Young Adult novels, The Island and The Circus. She spoke about her preference for method writing as a way of understanding a character’s motivations and explained how the Malvern landscape features in Silver, her forthcoming novel. Silver marks a new direction in Olivia’s writing as, for the first time, she has explored the Science Fiction genre. Workshops followed for three groups of Year 10 students with a focus on character creation and on writing a story from two differing perspectives. We all learned a great deal about writing techniques and Olivia was impressed by the originality of the work produced by our students, who may well be future authors in the making.

Mrs Bates