Rotary Club Young Chef of the Year Competition

Posted on 18/01/2019 Rotary Club Young Chef of the Year Competition

As part of our Year 10 GCSE Food course we had to prepare, cook and serve a two course meal for under £10, with the best ideas entries from each year 10 group and the Cooking Club heat being chosen to go through to the school final of the Rotary Young Chef of the Year Competition, sponsored by Colwall Rotary Club and an annual event at The Chase. I was shocked to find out a week later that I’d made it through to the final with my Mac and Cheese and Chocolate and Orange Mousse. I picked Mac and Cheese because it is easy to make and can be done in 50 minutes, and picked Chocolate and Orange Mousse because it is also quick to make and compliments the Mac and Cheese. In November, members of Colwall Rotary Club judged the school final in which eight students took part. After the final, when the winners were announced, I was surprised to find out I had won! I was invited to cook my menu with the chefs at the Colwall Park Hotel for the dinner at the Rotary Club Celebration of Youth night in January. Cooking with the chefs there was a great experience for someone my age. Now I will be representing The Chase in the District round of the chef competition. I am confident and sure of what I have to do.

Abigail Knight (10JLE)