Headteachers Blog 20 – September 2018

A very warm welcome to the first Headteacher’s blog of the new school year. I very much hope that everybody had a great summer holiday and that your children are refreshed and ready for action in what we hope will be another fantastic year for The Chase. A special welcome to all of our new Year 7 students who have settled into school life remarkably well during the short time that they have been with us.
I firstly want to offer again my congratulations to the students and staff at The Chase for delivering an outstanding set of GCSE and A Level examinations this summer. We are justly very proud of their performances and believe that these results highlight the significant progress we have made in the school during the past year. Current data indicates that this is just the start of even greater things to come. Success tends to breed success and our aim is to ensure that this is certainly the case. Exciting times!
I have spoken to all of our students during the first week back in school about our expectations. To summarise some of the key messages:

  • Student attendance in school is the key to their academic success. We expect all students therefore to be in school as much as possible.
  • Students are expected to be punctual and arrive at school no later than 8.40am, when the first bell rings. Morning registration is between 8.45-8.50am. If a student arrives after 8.50am, they are recorded with a late mark and will have to attend a lunchtime detention, unless there is a legitimate reason for being late, which is outside of the student’s control.
  • Students are not allowed off site at break and lunchtimes and are expected to attend all of their timetabled lessons. Failure to adhere to this will result in after school detentions and possibly time spent in the school’s Behaviour Support Room.
  • We expect students to wear their uniform with pride and not deviate from our uniform policy. A special mention about nose piercings and multiple ear piercings which are not allowed as highlighted in our policy.
  • We made it very clear that mobile phones must not be seen or heard in school unless given permission by a teacher. We would therefore like to remind parents not to try and contact their child on their mobile phone during the school day, as they will get into trouble with their phone being confiscated for that day if it is seen out and being used. If students need to get a message to parents, this can be easily done either through their House Leader or by asking to use the school phone in reception.


We want your children to feel safe and secure whilst in school as this will enhance their educational experience. We are aiming to further develop and improve our school systems to ensure that your child has the best possible time whilst at The Chase. It is important that we therefore all work in partnership for the common good of our children and this will be a key focus of mine and my team during the forthcoming year.

M J Fieldhouse