Student Assessment

The aim of the ‘student tracking system’ is to provide an assessment system which tracks the progress made by students throughout the year and between year groups.


It aims to combine prior student data together with staff information to provide a detailed snapshot of a student’s progress throughout their time at The Chase. It collects “current grade” data from staff with the aim of gauging at any set time, the current performance of students.


How it works:

There are two tracking windows calendared during the academic year – December and July.


On each occasion information is provided by staff to keep the assessment of students current and therefore as accurate as possible. Progress reports are then sent home to parents with this updated assessment information.


During the final tracking window of the academic year, a written report is also completed for every subject which a student has studied during the year, and this is sent home to parents.


Parents will also be provided with a username and password which will enable them to log into a secure area on The Chase Hub to view a wide range of information about their child. This will include current attendance, student timetable, House and behaviour points, together with assessment information including the most recent progress report.


Additional information on the new GCSE grading system


Click below to view our grade descriptors.

KS3-KS4 Progress Report Grade Descriptors_2017-18

KS5 Progress Report Grade Descriptors 2017-18