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Headteachers Blog 18 – June 2018

30th June 2018


Hotter and hotter……the mercury has just kept rising during this past week! As much as we all love warm and dry summer days, they are perhaps not always that conducive to learning and school life. Our classrooms are just not designed for hot weather though I must say that the students have been absolutely brilliant in these uncomfortable conditions. We have stressed the need for the students to drink lots of water and come armed with a hat and sun cream when outside, especially during PE. Unfortunately it is more than likely, that come the summer holidays, the weather will revert back to the usual cool and unsettled weather which we will all stoically endure through gritted teeth!


With so much going on at the moment in school, it is difficult to know what to report without missing something out. Our website always provides a valuable insight into school life, reporting many of the events and trips taking place. I am sure that many of our children are involved in at least one of the many activities currently taking place, which helps to enrich their school experience. Education is more than just taking exams- it is developing the whole child and providing them with a wide range of experiences, both in and outside of the classroom environment. Our memories of our school days tend to always focus on these different ‘out of the ordinary’ experiences rather than the normal 6 unit school day experience- so it is important that we provide as many of these experiences as possible to help engage and support children in their academic education which is key to their future successes in life.


One of my main aims as Headteacher is to keep looking at ways to improve the communication lines between school and home. I firmly believe that developing positive relationships and partnerships with parents is fundamental to supporting and ultimately improving our children’s academic performance. We have been recently trialling a new App called SIMS Parent– and it looks like this could well be the way forward in communicating more effectively with parents. Invitations have been sent out to parents in Years 7 to 10 and nearly 200 accounts have already been activated to date. Not only does this App provide information about your child’s timetable, attendance, house points and behaviour points but also provides you with their latest progress report. We are also exploring ways of using this App to notify parents of homework set and hand in dates to keep you more in the loop, as we know how uncommunicative teenagers can be at times!


Enjoy this weather whilst it lasts…..and come on England!

Headteachers Blog 17 – June 2018

15th June 2018

And so we enter the final half term of this academic year 2017-18. Only 5 and a bit weeks to go before we are allowed to catch our breath and relax for a well deserved summer holiday! This final half term is always action packed with the school calendar full of events, trips and a wide range of other commitments including the completion of end of year school reports.
At this time of year I am out and about visiting our local primary schools in order to meet with all of our new students who are starting in September. This year I will have visited 16 primary schools in total- The Parish, Great Malvern, Wyche, Somers Park, St Matthias, St Josephs, Powick, Madresfield, Callow End, Northleigh, Grove, Rushwick, Leigh & Bransford, Malvern Wells, St James and Colwall. I believe this is a really important part of the transition process, in meeting all of our new students first hand and talking to them about what they are looking forward to, and about their worries and anxieties in moving to high school. It is always nice to hear that I am not as scary as they thought I would be! I really enjoy these visits to our local primary schools and it always reminds me about the amazing work our primary colleagues do in preparing the children for their later education years. Without solid foundations to build on, our work in high school would be so much more difficult. We are so lucky to have such a great set of primary schools serving the Malvern Hills community.
As well as visiting our local primary schools, we have a full timetable of local primary schools visiting our school for various specialist subject workshops and master classes provided by The Chase teaching staff. During the past two weeks we will have hosted seven primary schools in total including The Parish, Grove, Rushwick, Cradley, Callow End, Madresfield and Northleigh. This is as well as the Year 6 induction day and Year 5 taster days and Year 5 Athletics day which are all scheduled for this half term at The Chase. And parents- no need to worry about missing out on the action. We will be hosting a special Open Day Event at The Chase for parents on Wednesday 18th July- with tours of the school, both in the morning at 9.30am and afternoon at 1.30pm. Please come and see us in normal working mode to get a real sense of what the school is like.
And finally…congratulations to the very first school lottery winner at The Chase who netted a lovely £34 from last week’s draw. Congratulations also go to Phillipa Russmann who won a pair of tickets to the cinema at Malvern Theatres.  Many thanks to Malvern Theatres for donating these tickets. Since then more tickets have been sold so this week’s prize will be £35.70.  Over the next year, The Chase School Lottery is projected to earn £2,891.20 for The Friends of the Chase to fund teaching equipment for the school and bursaries for Chase Students.
In future, Lottery winners will be announced on The Friends of The Chase Facebook Page in addition to The Chase School Lottery page at
M J Fieldhouse