Extra Curricular

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Residential Trips Programme for 2019-20


Extra Curricular Programme – (Updated 12th September 2018)


Sports Extra Curricular Programme – (Updated Summer Term  2018-19)


Music Extra Curricular Programme (Updated for Spring Term  2018-19)


In addition to classroom Music lessons from Y7 to A Level, The Chase has an extensive programme of extra-curricular music: please see above for comprehensive list.

This is backed up by the excellent individual and small-group instrumental and vocal teaching supplied by Severn Arts. Any student may take individual or small-group lessons on any instrument for the payment of a termly fee, and we would strongly encourage students to do so. Many recent studies have shown that students learning an instrument not only gain much enjoyment from the activity itself, but also benefit more widely; for example, by increasing the speed of their brain’s response (see this article), and improving their concentration and self-discipline. There are also huge social benefits to be gained from playing within ensembles.


Please see the attached documents for details of the lessons run by Severn Arts at The Chase.

Music Tuition information leaflet 2019-20 (Updated May 2019)