Malvern Panalytical for International Women In Engineering Day 2019

Posted on 26/06/2019 Malvern Panalytical for International Women In Engineering Day 2019

On Friday 21st June 2019, Year 12 students Amberlea Roberts, Thea Ramsay, Amelia Thompson and Emily Whitlock from The Chase joined female Engineering staff from Malvern Panalytical for a very enjoyable and hands-on STEM based ‘lighthouse keeper challenge’.

Run as part of International Women in Engineering Day, an international awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering and focus attention on the amazing career opportunities width=400available to girls in this industry sector, students worked in teams to design a way of getting lighthouse keepers (eggs, in fact) back to the mainland using a zip line to carry the keeper safely across the waves. The device carrying the “lighthouse keeper” also had to withstand being dropped from a height of 2m!

While designing and prototyping their design, students had to make decisions on cost of materials used vs quality, keeping the final product within budget yet as robust as possible. With only one broken egg during prototyping, the students showed superb skill and creativity! The overall winning team was Thea and Emily, who just managed to edge out the competition with a well thought-out, low cost and resilient design.

John Palmer, Faculty Leader for Computing & Business said: “This is just one of many examples of the strong partnerships between local companies and The Chase which aim to nurture the next generation of Malvern’s brilliant brains and ultimately enable the UK to compete with the rest of the world.”

Amberlea Roberts said, “This was a fantastic opportunity and I’m really glad I took part, as we had an excellent morning of activity and a great insight into the interesting work, careers and opportunities for girls at this global Engineering company in Malvern.”


J Palmer

Faculty Leader: Computing & Business