NMiTE Studio 1 visits The Chase

Posted on 14/06/2019


This week saw the Chase hosting NMiTE’s (New model in Technology and Engineering) Studio 1 ahead of their stand at The Royal Three Counties Show. NMiTE is a government and industry initiative aiming to transform engineering education in Britain; located in Hereford it hopes to become Hereford’s first University.

The aim of the NMiTE Ingenuity Studio programme is to inspire a new passion for engineering as a lifelong career, beginning with becoming an engineer at NMiTE. Creating opportunities for young people to participate in exciting and innovative problem-solving projects, Studio 1 is a high-tech studio created from a refurbished shipping container. It houses an array of lab-style and low-tech equipment. Ingenuity Studio reflects NMiTE’s unique approach to teaching and learning with a programme designed by their academic educators and delivered by two Studio Facilitators.


Studio 1 provides young people and the community with an experience of studying towards a career in engineering through the exploration of ideas, design and making in a very practical sense. Ingenuity Studio is kindly supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation.

The bespoke itinerary offered various activities during the week for both our students, a visiting primary school and a local sixth form:

• The Sprint – 1 full day certified real-world engineering challenge workshop

• The Toolkit – a one day certificated activity for Key Stage 4/5 students

• Flash – a one lesson workshop on the world of engineering

• Certified CPD for staff after school

• Visits to Studio 1 at host site from Feeder Primary Schools