Celebrating National Vegetarian week at The Chase

Posted on 22/05/2019 Celebrating National Vegetarian week at The Chase

On Tuesday 14th May, The Chase staff and pupils celebrated National Vegetarian Week thanks to a grant from the Vegetarian Society. We were very lucky to have a local vegetarian chef ‘Our Lizzy’ who kindly demonstrated a variety of vegetarian dishes to groups of year eight, nine and ten, as well as explaining the reasons and benefits of eating vegetarian. Year eight pupils also got to make these foods, which included a Vegetarian Spicy Chilli and Sizzling Vegetarian Fajitas served in tortilla wraps. These were given out at lunchtime for anyone to try- well done year eight! As expected, the vegetarian foods were gladly received by staff and pupils and many could not notice a difference despite the dishes including meat alternatives. Through discussion, it was apparent that many pupils are going to try and opt for a meat-free dish more often.


The Meat-Free Mince provided was kindly sponsored by Morrisons, Malvern Branch. Thanks again to chef Lizzy Hughes and the Friends of The Chase, particularly Mrs Craig, for helping organise the sponsorship of this event, which was a great success overall.

Mrs Borthwick and Miss Deery