AQA RE Conference

Posted on 10/11/2017 AQA RE Conference

My peers and I attended a conference at Worcester Cathedral to assist us with our GCSE Religion, Philosophy and Ethics course. This included a one to one session with the Head of Curriculum at AQA and other sessions with varying Christian denominations, as well as a question and answer session which gave everyone attending a chance to see contrasting views from a multitude of different religions.

The day began with a talk from Esther Zarifi, the head of the Religious Studies curriculum at AQA. She talked us through how to get top marks in each aspect of our written exams and also some useful tips about time management. It was valuable to hear her advice on how to answer each question. I was grateful to have the opportunity of having her assist us and I took away a lot of information which I can now act upon.

To develop our ideas and deepen our knowledge, we later had information sessions with different denominations within Christianity. In particular, we were intrigued to hear the Quakers talk.

There was a question and answer session where we were able to put our questions forward to people of different faiths who had come from all over the West Midlands. This was a very useful experience, but they were too nice to each other and we would have liked some arguments between the religions over the big issues such as forgiveness and same sex marriages.

Izzy Hughes, Year 11.