Chase assault on Chepstow

Posted on 17/07/2017 Chase assault on Chepstow

Boiling oil, scaling ladders, poison – and ice cream were all on the agenda last week, as Chase students were tasked with capturing Chepstow Castle in Wales.

The 38 Year 10 history students were putting their learning into practice during a day at the historic castle on the river Wye.

“Learning about the past is all well and good,” said trip organiser Melissa Clayton, “but it really enhances learning when you actually see it for real.” The trip forms a part of the comprehensive new History GCSE delivered at The Chase, which covers medieval history, the Cold War, medicine through time and the rise of Nazi Germany.

Head of History at The Chase, Paul Berthold, added, “The students had some serious research to do, but we thought it would challenge their learning to see if they could approach the castle from a medieval point of view. It showed their wider knowledge really well, and we had some interesting assault plans – but I’m not sure if the use of ninjas is historically accurate!”

“It was a great day out learning about History because we learned new things about the structure of castles and their purpose. We could fit our class-learned terminology to actual parts of the castle, like round towers, barbicans and murder holes,” said Year 10 student Alexander Boyer.

Mr Berthold