Friends of The Chase

Who We are and What We Do


  • Friends of The Chase is the parent teacher association for The Chase School and is run by volunteers from the staff and parents.
  • As a parent or guardian of a child at The Chase you are automatically a member of Friends of The Chase.
  • We are the charity that raises funds through events and donations to provide extra facilities and equipment for the school


What friends of The Chase has funded in recent years:

  • £8,128 for a canopy over an outdoor eating area (2016)
  • £5,928 towards the refurbished Quad (2017)
  • £5,964 for 27 new Chromebooks for Science (2018)
  • £1,000 to help students who would not otherwise be able to access important learning and enrichment opportunities (2018 – 2019)
  • In 2019 we will be raising £34,000 to refurbish and update the IT in a Music classroom.



How to get involved with the Friends of The Chase


  • We have about seven meetings throughout the year, plus an occasional extra meeting (often in a local pub!) to discuss big events such as the Christmas and Summer Fairs. Last year, we had a big push to recruit new members to help us and we are extremely grateful to those who joined us for the support they are already giving us with running events. However, as we all lead such busy lives, not everyone gets to every meeting and we still need new members to keep the ball rolling.
  • If you are unable to make it to our meetings you can still help us!
  • Working with the Friends of The Chase in a school of this size means that our regular fund raising events such as the Summer and Christmas fairs require willing helpers and we are always amazed at how many (parents and teachers alike) turn out each time to give us support on these days. We are really grateful for this and without your support the events would not run so smoothly.
  • If you would like any more information about the Friends of The Chase please contact:


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