Headteachers Blog 28 – June 2019

14th June 2019


In September we will be officially launching a new electronic planner to all students which will replace the old style student planner. This new planner, which includes a Student App, is already being trialled with Year 10 students during this summer term. We are also aiming to roll it out to Year 9 students during these last few weeks of this summer term. All students will be able to access their electronic planner through a Student App which they can download onto their phones or access via a computer. The planner will show a copy of the student timetable along with any homework which has been set by their teachers. One of the facilities of the new planner is that parents can also be alerted of this set homework through the Parent Sims App which I know most parents have now signed up to. This Parents App, which I would fully recommend that all parents obtain, can be accessed by sending an email to itsupport@chase.worcs.sch.uk. We can then help sort this out for you.


One of the real attractions of moving to an electronic planner is that this new facility will further improve school to home communication as we fully appreciate how communicative teenage children can be about their daily school experience! This electronic planner, which parents can also access, will enable you to monitor your child’s homework, and indicate whether the work has been completed and handed in on time. We will also be able to monitor the homework set by teachers in school, and quickly address any issues and concerns that may arise with the setting of too much or too little homework. The feedback to date, both from students and parents, has been very positive with parents now feeling that they have a greater connection with the school through this available information.


We must congratulate the Friends of The Chase, The Chase parents and the wider Malvern community for the incredible efforts in raising over £6000 from the recent Chase Community Auction. On behalf of The Chase, I would personally like to thank all the people involved in raising such an amazing amount of money for the school. Your generosity and support is truly amazing. A special mention must go to Allan Morris estate agents who generously donated their fees for a house sale, which generated a huge £3500 to the final amount. These additional funds will make a significant difference in helping to support a number of important initiatives in school, which would otherwise not happen. Unfortunately, current school budgets do not allow any innovation or creativity in helping to further develop and promote education at this time and for our children and thus we are sadly more dependent than ever on the generosity of our local community.