Headteachers Blog 27 – May 2019

10th May 2019

The Chase Community Auction is doing amazingly well and I want to thank everybody involved, especially those who have generously donated auction lots as well as to those people who have already made a bid. The auction is currently on course to raise over £3,000 and it has been great fun being part of the online bidding.  The Friends of The Chase auction administrator tells me that the 123 different auction lot listings have been ‘clicked’ (opened and read) a total of 6453 times since the auction opened on 12th April and 717 individual bids have been made so far.  There are still bargains to be had with over 30 lots currently still going for less than £5!  We really want someone to benefit from the No Fee House Sale which could be worth up to £7,500, so please tell friends and family about the auction.
Afternoon tea with me, my chauffeur service to the Prom and the No Fee House Sale have had the most clicks, but the fewest bids!  I wonder what that means?  Even Mrs Fieldhouse’s fruitcake has had more bids than my two lots put together!  I guess we will find out when the auction closes on 17th May at 8pm.  Don’t miss out!
Visit: https://www.jumblebee.co.uk/thechasecommunityauction
GCSE Examinations start on Monday 13th May with A level examinations starting a week later. I would like to take this opportunity to commend all of our students for working so hard, rolling up their sleeves and rising to the challenge. Year 11 and Year 13 students have really raised their game since their mock examinations in January and I am confident that the students will do themselves proud and do their very best during the next 4 week period. Ultimately that is all that we can ask for…… with them having no regrets come August with the opening of that results envelope! Studying for external examinations is never easy, especially the newly structured GCSE and A Level examinations, and I must therefore also pay tribute to my colleagues at The Chase for going over and above what is normally expected in fully preparing the students in readiness. I am sure that everybody will join me in wishing all of our students all the very best in their forthcoming examinations (luck shouldn’t come into it, though can be very useful!).

Mr M Fieldhouse