Headteachers Blog 24 – January 2018

Firstly- great news to share with everybody in this first Headteacher’s blog of 2019. With the annual final release of the national school performance tables this week- check out the link below which highlights our A Level Value Added performance in 2018.


School Performance Tables 2018


Our VA score of 0.29 places us second in Worcestershire, after Bredon School, and as the top performing state school within the county. Interestingly not only did we handsomely beat all other local secondary schools, but we are also above all of our illustrious neighbours including MSJ, RGS and Kings. This is a fantastic achievement and one which we should be extremely proud of shouting about!


We have already notified parents that The Chase will be running the #Unplugged Challenge in the final week of this half term between 11th- 15th February 2019. We very much hope that you will support us in encouraging the students to sign up for this challenge.


#UNPLUGGED is a campaign run by the mental health charity TIC+ to encourage young people to take control of how they use social media. By challenging themselves to a digital detox, TIC+ hopes that the students will be able to appreciate which elements of social media they enjoy and which parts they would rather not bother with. Those who take on the challenge will also find people to sponsor them, and raise money for TIC+ by taking on the digital detox.


The challenge is to spend 3, 5, or 7 days of the week beginning 11th February 2019.

  • Only using your phone for calls or urgent texts
  • Only checking your phone for a total of one hour a day
  • Not using your phone after 6:30pm
  • Turning off social media notifications


As part of our fundraising for TIC+- the school will also be holding a non-uniform day on Friday 15th February in which the students will need to pay £1 for the privilege of not wearing their school uniform for the day.
And finally- we have just completed a New Year drive on reminding our students of the Chase Expectations. These have been communicated to all our students through the launch of a new poster and by me in recent assemblies. I would be grateful if you could take the time to look at the poster below and reinforce these school expectations with your child. Our message is very simple- if children want to be students at The Chase- we will expect them to follow the expectations outlined in the poster.