Headteachers Blog 16 – May 2018

11th May 2018


The Chase has a long established track record of producing great cyclists as evidenced by the number of cycling shirts which feature in the school’s ‘Hall of Fame’. Our most recent success has come from Evie Richards who won a tremendous Silver Medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Mountain Biking. Nick Yarworth, Ceris Gilfillian, Rob Spragg, Alex Cutler and Tracey Mosely are also all former students who have had national successes in cycling. We mustn’t forget also that we have a number of up and coming cyclists including Hattie Harnden in Year 12, who I am sure will be donating their national shirts to the school before not too long. Perhaps it’s something in the Malvern Water which helps to explain this concentration of great cycling talent within our local area! The Chase fully embraces cycling in offering this pursuit as part of its PE curriculum with all students in Year 8 expected to take part. We also offer learn to cycle courses for those students who have not yet mastered this skill.


Many of our students also cycle to school which we fully support as part of benefiting from a healthy lifestyle. To ensure that our students are safe in their cycling to and from school, we will be shortly launching a new Cycle to School Code of Conduct which will provide clear support and guidance in what the school expects from our young cyclists. Once their cycles have been deemed road-safe, the students will be issued with a cycle permit which will provide them with the authorisation required to cycle to school. Students without a permit will not be allowed to bring their bikes to school once we launch this new initiative in the week directly after the half term break.


We have now reached the business end of the school year. Best wishes to all of our students who will be sitting their GCSE and A-Level examinations during the next 4 week period. I never wish them luck, as luck as nothing to do with success; just some hard work, determination and a desire to succeed!


Lottery update – over 75 tickets now sold in readiness for the first lottery draw which is scheduled to take place on Saturday 9th June; still work to do in order to reach our target of 200 tickets. Click here now to sign up… https://www.yourschoollottery.co.uk/lottery/school/the-chase-school/