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Headteachers Blog 21 – October 2018

12th October 2018


With The Chase recognising World Mental Health Awareness day on Wednesday this week, we would like to highlight the importance of good mental health and how to maintain it. This is especially pertinent in a time of increased awareness of this issue which has become an ever increasing concern amongst teenage children. We recommend that parents and students access the CARE section of the school’s website and look at the section titled Feeling Low. There is a wealth of information, advice and guidance here to hopefully provide help at this time of need.


Most of us feel overwhelmed at least once in our lives and it is important to ask for help. Why then is asking for help sometimes harder than the problem we’re going through? It really shouldn’t be that hard. The Chase has a highly trained team of staff within the Pastoral Support Centre to help and support our students navigate a way through their problems. Indeed, I am confident that any member of staff at the school whom your child feels comfortable with to share their worries will listen and do what is best for them.


One of the support organisations included on the CARE section of the website is Kooth, which is a free online counselling and emotional well-being service for children and young people. is a confidential and anonymous service that can be easily accessed through a tablet, mobile or desktop computer.  Through the website, young people can also access self-help materials and also join live, moderated peer-to-peer support forums.  The accredited team of counsellors, therapists and support workers provide guided and outcome-focused support for each individual. Kooth have already visited The Chase to speak with our Year 11 students, and are scheduled for a return visit to speak with our Year 7-10 students in assembly to outline the support which they can provide our children.


One of the main causes contributing to current low self-esteem and unhappiness amongst young people is their unhealthy addiction to electronic devices and an over reliance on social media. To help parents with this issue, we will be holding an E-Safety evening at The Chase for Year 7 & 8 parents on Monday 15th October in the Main Hall between 7-8pm. The E-Safety evening will aim to explain how we develop resilience to on-line risk and we will also signpost the support mechanisms that we can put in place in order to help protect our children. We hope you can join us in helping to support your child.


M J Fieldhouse